Thursday 3 July 2014

Taking a Break

Apologies for the sparodic posting of late. A lot has changed in the three and a half years since I started Crimbo Crackers. Over the last six months any spare time I have is taken up trying to keep up with my family and the very busy life we have. I've also relocated with my job - my old office closed and I now face a three hour a day commute to work. Which is going to get worse in a few weeks due to repairs on the train line so my daily commute will be extended by around an hour to an hour and half a day whilst he work is completed.....

So, rather than throw the towel in and say that I'm closing Crimbo Crackers, I'm going to take a break until 25 September. Between now and then I hope to build up my theme samples so that I can schedule posts so I'm not on the last minute trying to rush about and get things done!

Thank you to all of you who have stuck with me during this period, but Crimbo Crackers will be back! And I'll be offering some candy mid September so don't forget to come back to enter!

See you in September!


  1. I think you are sensible to put priorities first, I hope the commute eases up soon. I don't start my Christmas cards until September so I will be delighted to join you again then. Enjoy the summer time x

  2. Sorry you have such a long time to get to work - it is good you take a break - I wish you the best and see you in September - blessings - Gail

  3. Sorry to hear of the extended commute. It must be so hard.

    See you in September...gosh...I think that was a song! lol

  4. The commute sounds awful! You definitely need a break. Until September then, my friend!
    xxx Asha

  5. Hopefully things will get back to normal for you. Get some of your sanity back. Relax and we'll see you in September.

  6. Hope the break was good for you and you had a chance to get ahead to alleviate some of the stress. I commute an hour and thought that was tough...I'm so sorry your commute is to long. Hopefully you can use the time to read or snooze! Glad to see you back and hope you feel better. Hugs, Gail


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